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タイトル: Regional differences regarding land tenancy in rural Rwanda, with special reference to sharecropping in a coffee production area
著者: Takeuchi, Shinichi
Marara, Jean
武内, 進一
キーワード: Rwanda
Land tenure
Land use
Issue Date: Mar-2007
出版者: The Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University
引用: African Study Monographs, Suppl.35: 111-138, March 2007
抄録: This paper examines land tenancy systems and tenant contracts in Rwanda, with respect to socioeconomic contexts. Our research in southern and eastern Rwanda produced data suggesting that land borrowing with fixed rents has been generally practiced, and that rent levels have been low in comparison to expected revenues from field production. In the western areas of coffee production, however, the practice of sharecropping has recently appeared. This system is advantageous to landowners, as they are able to acquire half of the harvests; in addition, the fixed rent levels in this region are much higher than those of other regions. In the southern and eastern regions, because land borrowing with fixed rents has been the only tenancy pattern and rent levels have remained low, the economic situation should be interpreted in the context of a continuing traditional Rwandan land tenure system. In contrast, in the western coffee production area, the soaring of fixed rents and the emergence of sharecropping have been brought about by high pressures for land use, which were caused not only by a population increase but also by the development of cash crop production and the existence of a labor exchange system. The increase in rent levels has therefore been offset by a corresponding increase in agricultural productivity.
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