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タイトル: Post-decentralization regional economies and actors -- putting the capacity of Local governments to the test
著者: Matsui, Kazuhisa
松井, 和久
キーワード: Decentralization
Local economy
Community development
Regional administration
Local government
Issue Date: Mar-2005
出版者: Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO
引用: The Developing Economies 43.1 (2005.3): 171-189
抄録: Decentralization in Indonesia was introduced institutionally in 2001, with a democratization drive promoted by international donors and by the intention of the new government to clear away the centralistic image of Soeharto. Decentralization has had some effects on regional economies and on local government administration. Compared to the period before decentralization, the share of gross regional domestic product and local government finance has increased in Java, though investment and bank borrowing have expanded to the outer islands. In qualitative aspects, decentralization has transferred not only administrative authority but also many new vested interests from the center to regions. Local governments have become more extensive economic actors in regional economies. Regional economic actors now compete actively for such vested interests and have missed the opportunity to create market-friendly regional economies. The government sector should not be a mere rent-seeking economic actor, but should play a role as a facilitator promoting private sector activities in regional economies.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2344/105
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01.経済、産業(Economy and Industry)/東南アジア(Southeast Asian Studies)

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