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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2012Can FDI promote export diversification and sophistication of host countries? : dynamic panel system GMM analysisIwamoto, Manabu; Nabeshima, Kaoru; 鍋嶋, 郁
Dec-2009Capability Matrix : A Framework for Analyzing Capabilities in Value ChainsSato, Yuri; Fujita, Mai; 佐藤, 百合; 藤田, 麻衣
Dec-2006Career Crisis? Impacts of Financial Shock on the Entry-Level Labor Market: Evidence from ThailandMachikita, Tomohiro; 町北, 朋洋
Jan-2005Case Study of Applied LIP Approach/Activities in the Philippines The Training Services Enhancement Project for Rural Life Improvement (TSEP-RLI) ExperienceFementira, Graciana B.
Mar-2012Caste, land, and migration : a preliminary analysis of a village survey in an underdeveloped state in IndiaTsujita, Yuko; Oda, Hisaya; 辻田, 祐子; 小田, 尚也
Mar-2012Casting a voice for rural struggles during apartheid : the case of AFRASato, Chizuko; 佐藤, 千鶴子
Feb-2005The "Catching up" Process of Manufacturing in East AsiaHiratsuka, Daisuke; 平塚, 大祐
Nov-2008The causal relationships in mean and variance between stock returns and foreign institutional investment in IndiaInoue, Takeshi; 井上, 武
Feb-2008Causality Relationships between Total Exports with Agricultural and Manufacturing GDP in TanzaniaShombe, Nicolaus Herman
Mar-2013The Central Bank and bank credits in the Philippines : a survey on effectiveness of monetary policy and its measuresKashiwabara, Chie; 柏原, 千英
Jun-2012Central bank intervention and exchange rate behaviour : empirical evidence for IndiaInoue, Takeshi; 井上, 武
Oct-2004Chairmanship in ASEAN+3:A Shared Rule of BehaviorSuzuki, Sanae; 鈴木, 早苗
Oct-2008Changes in the causes of earnings inequality in urban China from 1988 to 2002Asuyama, Yoko; 明日山, 陽子
Mar-2007Changes in the foreign trade structure of the Russian Far East under the process of transition toward a market economyHiraizumi, Hideki; 平泉, 秀樹
Mar-2013Changing local elite selection in Thailand : emergence of new local government presidents after direct elections and their capabilitiesFunatsu, Tsuruyo; 船津, 鶴代
Mar-2008The Changing Nature of Employment and the Reform of Labor and Social Security Legislation in Post-Apartheid South AfricaMakino, Kumiko; 牧野, 久美子
Mar-2010Chapter 1 Economic Integration and Industry Location: Theories, Empirical Results, and Implications for CLMVKuroiwa, Ikuo; 黒岩, 郁雄
Mar-2010Chapter 1 Market Access and Intermediate Goods TradeHayakawa, Kazunobu; 早川, 和伸
Mar-2010Chapter 2 Equilibrium locations of upstream and downstream firmsGokan, Toshitaka; 後閑, 利隆
Mar-2010Chapter 2 On the usage of the measurements of geographical concentration and specialization with areal dataGokan, Toshitaka; 後閑, 利隆
Showing results 69 to 88 of 1049
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