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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2013Agglomeration and firm-level productivity : a Bayesian spatial approachHashiguchi, Yoshihiro; Tanaka, Kiyoyasu; 橋口, 善浩; 田中, 清泰
Feb-2006Agglomeration Economies in Japan: Technical Efficiency, Growth and UnemploymentMitra, Arup; Sato, Hajime; 佐藤, 創
Aug-2009Agglomeration versus Fragmentation:A Comparison of East Asia and EuropeHayakawa, Kazunobu; JI, Zheng; Obashi, Ayako; 早川, 和伸; 季, 錚; 小橋, 文子
Sep-2011Agricultural efficiency of rice farmers in Myanmar : a case study in selected areasNay Myo Aung
Jun-2006Agricultural Policies and Development of Myanmar's Agricultural Sector: An OverviewFujita, Koichi; Okamoto, Ikuko; 藤田, 幸一; 岡本, 郁子
Jun-2013Agriculture Plus Plus : growth strategy for Myanmar agricultureKudo, Toshihiro; Kumagai, Satoru; Ishido, Hikari; 工藤, 年博; 熊谷, 聡; 石戸, 光
11-Feb-2011Aiming at improving access to research output through the institutional repositorySawada, Yuko; Kanako, Sakai; 澤田, 裕子; 坂井, 華奈子
Dec-1993The Alfa Group: the decline and resurgence of a large-scale indigenous business group in MexicoHoshino, Taeko; 星野, 妙子
Dec-1998Analogous Cycles with Lagged Co-movement: U.S. and East Asian Business CyclesYamagata, Tatsufumi; 山形, 辰史
Aug-2009Analysis on International Trade of CLM CountriesNu Nu Lwin
Jan-2014The anti-apartheid movement in Japan : an overviewMakino, Kumiko; 牧野, 久美子
Feb-2011Application of factor decomposition techniques to vertical specialisation measurementsMeng, Bo; Yamano, Norihiko; Webb, Colin; 孟, 渤; 山野, 紀彦
Apr-2007Application of the Input-Output Decomposition Technique to China's Regional EconomiesMeng, Bo; Chao, Qu; 孟, 渤; 超, 屈
Dec-2006Are Job Networks Localized in a Developing Economy? Search Methods for Displaced Workers in ThailandMachikita, Tomohiro; 町北, 朋洋
Aug-2010Are trading partners complementary in international trade?Hayakawa, Kazunobu; Tanaka, Kiyoyasu; Ueki, Yasushi; 早川, 和伸; 田中, 清泰; 植木, 靖
Dec-2008Asian Industrial Development from the Perspective of the Motorcycle IndustryOhara, Moriki; Sato, Yuri; 大原, 盛樹; 佐藤, 百合
Aug-2006An Asian Triangle of Growth and Cluster-to-Cluster LinkagesKuchiki, Akifumi; 朽木, 昭文
Mar-2012Assessing agglomeration economies in the Yangzi River Delta, China : a bayesian spatial econometric approachHashiguchi, Yoshihiro; Chen, Kuang-hui; 橋口, 善浩; 陳, 光輝
Feb-2014Assessment of FDI impact on Thailand's production sectors : implications for investment promotion activitiesPisit, Puapan
Sep-1996The Astra Group : a pioneer of management modernization in IndonesiaSato, Yuri; 佐藤, 百合
Showing results 9 to 28 of 1049
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