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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2013Changing local elite selection in Thailand : emergence of new local government presidents after direct elections and their capabilitiesFunatsu, Tsuruyo; 船津, 鶴代
Mar-2008The Changing Nature of Employment and the Reform of Labor and Social Security Legislation in Post-Apartheid South AfricaMakino, Kumiko; 牧野, 久美子
Mar-2010Chapter 1 Economic Integration and Industry Location: Theories, Empirical Results, and Implications for CLMVKuroiwa, Ikuo; 黒岩, 郁雄
Mar-2010Chapter 1 Market Access and Intermediate Goods TradeHayakawa, Kazunobu; 早川, 和伸
Mar-2010Chapter 2 Equilibrium locations of upstream and downstream firmsGokan, Toshitaka; 後閑, 利隆
Mar-2010Chapter 2 On the usage of the measurements of geographical concentration and specialization with areal dataGokan, Toshitaka; 後閑, 利隆
Mar-2010Chapter 3 Industrial Location in Cambodia: Industrial Policies and Economic StatisticsHatukano, Naomi; 初鹿野, 直美
Mar-2010Chapter 3 Knowledge Exchanges and Innovation in Connected Firms: Evidence from Upstream-Downstream RelationshipsMachikita, Tomohiro; 町北, 朋洋
Mar-2010Chapter 4 A Review of the Availability of and Studies on Spatial Economic Data in LaosKeola, Souknilanh; ケオラ, スックニラン
Mar-2010Chapter 4 The Challenges in Developing Realistic NEG Simulation Models for East AsiaKumagai, Satoru; 熊谷, 聡
Mar-2010Chapter 5 Industrial Policy, Structure, and Locations during the Transition toward a Market-oriented Economy in MyanmarKudo, Toshihiro; 工藤, 年博
Mar-2010Chapter 5 Product Differentiation versus Geographical Differentiation: Evidence from the Pork Processing Industry in ChinaWatanabe, Mariko; 渡邉, 真理子
Mar-2010Chapter 6 Economic integration and changes in industrial location in VietnamIshizuka, Futaba; 石塚, 二葉
Mar-2010Chapter 7 Clusters of Modern and Local Industries in VietnamSakata, Shozo; 坂田, 正三
Mar-2010Chapter 8 Location Choice of Japanese Multinationals: Country Characteristics or Region Characteristics?Hayakawa, Kazunobu; 早川, 和伸
Dec-2007China's Impact on the Exports of Other Asian Countries: A NoteKumakura, Masanaga; Kuroko, Masato; 熊倉, 正修; 黒子, 正人
Sep-2012China's inter-regional spillover of carbon emissions and domestic supply chainsMeng, Bo; Xue, Jinjun; Feng, Kuishuang; Guan, Dabao; 孟, 渤; 薛, 進軍
Jul-2012China's regional economies and value chains : an interregional input-output analysisMeng, Bo; Zhang, Yaxiong; Guo, Jiemin; Fang, Yong; 孟, 渤; 張, 亜雄; 郭, 傑民; 方, 勇
May-2008The Choice of Transport Mode: Evidence from Japanese Exports to East AsiaHayakawa, Kazunobu; 早川, 和伸
Jul-2008Clothing Export from sub-Saharan Africa : Impact on Poverty and Potential for GrowthFukunishi, Takahiro; 福西、隆弘
Showing results 83 to 102 of 1048
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