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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2012Role of supply chains in adopting product related environmental regulations : case studies of VietnamMichida, Etsuyo; Nabeshima, Kaoru; 道田, 悦代; 鍋嶋, 郁
Dec-1998The Role of the Namayande in Iran's Textile IndustryIwasaki, Yoko; 岩﨑, 葉子
Nov-2006Rules of Origin and Local Content in East AsiaKuroiwa, Ikuo; 黒岩, 郁雄
Mar-2008Rural to Urban Migration: A District Level Analysis for IndiaMitra, Arup; Murayama, Mayumi; 村山, 真弓
Dec-1993The Salim Group in Indonesia: the development and behavior of the largest conglomerate in Southeast AsiaSato, Yuri; 佐藤, 百合
Aug-2007The Sandinista Revolution and Post-Conflict Development--Key IssuesKagami, Mitsuhiro; 加賀美, 充洋
Jun-2004SARSとマラリア:感染症と経済学山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Mar-2013Search, matching, and self-organization of a marketplaceDing, Ke; Gokan, Toshitaka; Zhu, Xiwei; 丁, 可; 後閑, 利隆; 朱, 希偉
Mar-2011Seasonal migration and micro-credit in the lean period : evidence from northwest BangladeshShonchoy, Abu S.
May-2007Securing Medical Personnel: Case Studies of Two Source Countries and Two Destination CountriesYamagata, Tatsufumi; 山形, 辰史
Aug-2012Selection and utilization of the early harvest list : evidence from the Free Trade Agreement between China and TaiwanChang, Kuo-I; Hayakawa, Kazunobu; 張, 國益; 早川, 和伸
Jun-2010Separation of Control and Cash-Flow Rights of State Owned Listed Enterprises: Channels of Expropriation after the Discriminated Share Reform in ChinaWatanabe, Mariko; 渡邉, 真理子
2003The Sheepskin Marketing Channel in Ethiopia after Liberalization: The Survival Strategies of the ParticipantsKodama, Yuka; 児玉, 由佳
Jan-2010Shock Transmission Mechanism of the Economic Crisis in East Asia : An Application of International Input-Output AnalysisKuroiwa, Ikuo; Kuwamori, Hiroshi; 黒岩, 郁雄; 桑森, 啓
Mar-2008The Shrimp Export Boom and Small-Scale Fishermen in MyanmarOkamoto, Ikuko; 岡本, 郁子
Aug-2012Shrinking population and the urban hierarchyKim, Ho Yeon; 金, 浩淵
Apr-2011Simulating heterogeneous multinational firmsArita, Shawn; Tanaka, Kiyoyasu; 田中, 清泰
Sep-2010The size distribution of all Cambodian establishmentsTanaka, Kiyoyasu; Hatsukano, Naomi; 田中, 清泰; 初鹿野, 直美
Feb-2011Skill distribution and comparative advantage: a comparison of China and IndiaAsuyama, Yoko; 明日山, 陽子
Feb-2011Skill sorting, inter-industry skill wage premium, and production chains: evidence from India 1999-2000Asuyama, Yoko; 明日山, 陽子
Showing results 472 to 491 of 1061
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