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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2011Innovation networks in China, Japan, and Korea : further evidence from U.S. patent dataNabeshima, Kaoru; Tanaka, Kiyoyasu; 鍋嶋, 郁; 田中, 清泰
Feb-2009Input-Output Based Economic Impact Evaluation System for Small City Development: A Case Study on Saemangeum's Flux City DesignMeng, Bo; Okamoto, Nobuhiro; Tsukamoto, Yoshiharu; Qu, Chao; 孟, 渤; 岡本, 信広; 塚本, 由晴; 屈, 超
Sep-2002An Institutional Analysis of Environmental Pollution Disputes in Taiwan: Cases of 'Self-Relief'Terao, Tadayoshi; 寺尾, 忠能
Jul-2007Institutional Development of Capital Markets in Nine Asian EconomiesNakagawa, Rika; 中川, 利香
Aug-2006Integration under 'One Country, Two Systems' - The Case of Mainland China and Hong Kong-Takeuchi, Takayuki; 竹内, 孝之
Mar-2006Integration versus Outsourcing in Stable Industry Equilibrium with Communication NetworksOkamoto, Yusuke; 岡本, 裕介
Apr-2010Interaction of powers in the Philippine presidential systemKawanaka, Takeshi; 川中, 豪
Mar-2006Interindustrial Structure in the Asia-Pacific Region: Growth and Integration, by Using 2000 AIO TableMeng, Bo; Sato, Hajime; Nakamura, Jun; Okamoto, Nobuhiro; Kuwamori, Hiroshi; Inomata, Satoshi; 孟, 渤; 佐藤, 創; 中村, 純; 岡本, 信広; 桑森, 啓; 猪俣, 哲史
May-2004International Competitiveness of Manufacturing Firms in sub-Saharan AfricaFukunishi, Takahiro; 福西, 隆弘
Mar-2013International labor migration in Vietnam and the impact of receiving countries' policiesIshizuka, Futaba; 石塚, 二葉
Dec-2010International real business cycles : a re-visitNguyen, Quoc Hung
May-2010Intra-regional trade between China, Japan, and Korea : before and after the financial crisisKuroiwa, Ikuo; Ozeki, Hiromichi; 黒岩, 郁雄; 大関, 裕倫
Dec-2000Introduction (Special Issue: Indonesia's Industrialization: Economic Crisis and Beyond)Fukuchi, Takao; Sato, Yuri; 福地, 崇生; 佐藤, 百合
Jun-2004Introduction -- comparative study of social security systems in Asia and Latin America -- a contribution to the study of emerging welfare statesUsami, Koichi; 宇佐見, 耕一
Mar-2010Introduction New Challenges in New Economic GeographyKumagai, Satoru; 熊谷, 聡
2012The inverted Chinese / China problem in Indonesia : a preliminary analysis on the 2011 Surabaya incidentAizawa, Nobuhiro; 相沢, 伸広
Dec-2010Investment promotion agencies: do they work?Hayakawa, Kazunobu; Lee, Hyun-Hoon; Park, Donghyun; 早川, 和伸
Aug-2009The Iron and Steel Industry in Asia: Development and RestructuringSato, Hajime; 佐藤, 創
May-2006Is Group Lending A Good Enforcement Scheme for Achieving High Repayment Rates?: Evidence from Field Experiments in VietnamKono, Hisaki; 高野, 久紀
Mar-2007Is It Worthwhile for Indonesia to Rush into a Free Trade Deal with Japan?Oyamada, Kazuhiko; 小山田, 和彦
Showing results 311 to 330 of 1061
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