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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2011Application of factor decomposition techniques to vertical specialisation measurementsMeng, Bo; Yamano, Norihiko; Webb, Colin; 孟, 渤; 山野, 紀彦
Apr-2007Application of the Input-Output Decomposition Technique to China's Regional EconomiesMeng, Bo; Chao, Qu; 孟, 渤; 超, 屈
Sep-2012China's inter-regional spillover of carbon emissions and domestic supply chainsMeng, Bo; Xue, Jinjun; Feng, Kuishuang; Guan, Dabao; 孟, 渤; 薛, 進軍
Jul-2012China's regional economies and value chains : an interregional input-output analysisMeng, Bo; Zhang, Yaxiong; Guo, Jiemin; Fang, Yong; 孟, 渤; 張, 亜雄; 郭, 傑民; 方, 勇
Dec-2012Compilation, application and challenge of IDE-JETRO's International Input-Output tablesMeng, Bo; Zhang, Yaxiong; Inomata, Satoshi; 孟, 渤; 張, 亜雄; 猪俣, 哲史
May-2005An Economic Derivation on Trade Coefficients under the Framework of Multi-regional I-O AnalysisMeng, Bo; Ando, Asao; 孟, 渤; 安藤, 朝夫
Aug-2013How are global value chains fragmented and extended in China's domestic production networks?Meng, Bo; Wang, Zhi; Koopman, Robert; 孟, 渤; 王, 直
Feb-2009Input-Output Based Economic Impact Evaluation System for Small City Development: A Case Study on Saemangeum's Flux City DesignMeng, Bo; Okamoto, Nobuhiro; Tsukamoto, Yoshiharu; Qu, Chao; 孟, 渤; 岡本, 信広; 塚本, 由晴; 屈, 超
Mar-2006Interindustrial Structure in the Asia-Pacific Region: Growth and Integration, by Using 2000 AIO TableMeng, Bo; Sato, Hajime; Nakamura, Jun; Okamoto, Nobuhiro; Kuwamori, Hiroshi; Inomata, Satoshi; 孟, 渤; 佐藤, 創; 中村, 純; 岡本, 信広; 桑森, 啓; 猪俣, 哲史
Jul-2012Measuring global value chains and regional economic integration : an international input-output approachMeng, Bo; Fang, Yong; Yamano, Norihiko; 孟, 渤; 方, 勇; 山野, 紀彦
Mar-2009Production Networks and Spatial Economic Interdependence: An International Input-Output Analysis of the Asia-Pacific RegionMeng, Bo; Inomata, Satoshi; 孟, 渤; 猪俣, 哲史
Feb-2014Spatial price equilibrium and the transport sector : a trade-consistent SCGE modelAndo, Asao; Meng, Bo; 安藤, 朝夫; 孟, 渤
2009Trade Coefficients and the Role of Elasticity in a Spatial CGE Model Based on the Armington AssumptionAndo, Asao; Meng, Bo; Chao, Qu; 安藤, 朝夫; 孟, 渤; 超, 屈
Dec-2006Transport Sector and Regional Price Differentials: A SCGE Model for Chinese ProvincesAndo, Asao; Meng, Bo; 安藤, 朝夫; 孟, 渤
Dec-2010Vertical specialisation indicator based on supply-driven input-output modelMeng, Bo; Yamano, Norihiko; Webb, Colin; 孟, 渤; 山野, 紀彦
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