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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2013Agglomeration and firm-level productivity : a Bayesian spatial approachHashiguchi, Yoshihiro; Tanaka, Kiyoyasu; 橋口, 善浩; 田中, 清泰
Aug-2010Are trading partners complementary in international trade?Hayakawa, Kazunobu; Tanaka, Kiyoyasu; Ueki, Yasushi; 早川, 和伸; 田中, 清泰; 植木, 靖
Apr-2010The determinants of offshore production by Multinational Corporations (MNCs) : a comparison of Japanese and US MNCsMatsuura, Toshiyuki; Tanaka, Kiyoyasu; Urata, Shujiro; 松浦, 寿幸; 田中, 清泰; 浦田, 秀次郎
Jan-2014Directional imbalance of freight rates : evidence from Japanese inter-prefectural dataTanaka, Kiyoyasu; Tsubota, Kenmei; 田中, 清泰; 坪田, 建明
Oct-2011Export platform FDI and firm heterogeneityHayakawa, Kazunobu; Tanaka, Kiyoyasu; 早川, 和伸; 田中, 清泰
Nov-2013FDI and investment barriers in developing economiesArita, Shawn; Tanaka, Kiyoyasu; 田中, 清泰
Feb-2012Heterogeneous multinational firms and productivity gains from falling FDI barriersArita, Shawn; Tanaka, Kiyoyasu; 田中, 清泰
Mar-2011Innovation networks in China, Japan, and Korea : evidence from Japanese patent dataKuroiwa, Ikuo; Nabeshima, Kaoru; Tanaka, Kiyoyasu; 黒岩, 郁雄; 鍋島, 郁; 田中, 清泰
Apr-2011Innovation networks in China, Japan, and Korea : further evidence from U.S. patent dataNabeshima, Kaoru; Tanaka, Kiyoyasu; 鍋嶋, 郁; 田中, 清泰
Apr-2011Simulating heterogeneous multinational firmsArita, Shawn; Tanaka, Kiyoyasu; 田中, 清泰
Sep-2010The size distribution of all Cambodian establishmentsTanaka, Kiyoyasu; Hatsukano, Naomi; 田中, 清泰; 初鹿野, 直美
Jun-2012Spatial spillovers from FDI agglomeration : evidence from the Yangtze River Delta in ChinaTanaka, Kiyoyasu; Hashiguchi, Yoshihiro; 田中, 清泰; 橋口, 善浩
Jun-2010Transport costs, distance, and time : evidence from the Japanese Census of LogisticsTanaka, Kiyoyasu; 田中, 清泰
Nov-2011Transport modal choice by multinational firms : firm-level evidence from Southeast AsiaHayakawa, Kazunobu; Tanaka, Kiyoyasu; Ueki, Yasushi; 早川, 和伸; 田中, 清泰; 植木, 靖
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14


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