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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2004SARSとマラリア:感染症と経済学山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
May-2007Securing Medical Personnel: Case Studies of Two Source Countries and Two Destination CountriesYamagata, Tatsufumi; 山形, 辰史
Apr-2013Slow and steady wins the race : how the garment industry leads industrialization in low-income countriesFukunishi, Takahiro; Yamagata, Tatsufumi; 福西, 隆弘; 山形, 辰史
Apr-2005Who Develops Innovations in Medicine for the Poor? Trends in Patent Applications Related to Medicines for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and Neglected DiseasesIto, Banri; Yamagata, Tatsufumi; 伊藤, 萬里; 山形, 辰史
Nov-2005バングラデシュにおける貧困削減と人間の安全保障山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Aug-2001バングラデシュの政府と公益山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Dec-2004違いを楽しむ:オリンピックと国際協力山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Nov-2003開発戦略としてのPro-Poor Growth -貧困層への雇用創出-栗原, 充代; 山形, 辰史; Kurihara, Mitsuyo; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
2004経済成長と貧困・雇用:Pro-Poor Growth論の系譜山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Feb-2005国際化の中の孤独:現代版・家出のすすめ山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Oct-2004国際協力の罪と罰:買わない日本人山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Nov-2005国際協力ニュース:ミレニアム開発目標、5年後の仕切り直し山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Feb-2005国際公共財としての感染症対策山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Mar-1999[書評] Charles I. Jones, Introduction to Economic Growth山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Aug-2000[書評] Elhanan Helpman ed., General Purpose Technologies and Economic Growth山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Sep-1997[書評] Robert J.Barro and Xavier Sala-i-Martin,Economic Growth山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Jan-2002[書評] Stephen L. Parente and Edward C. Prescott, Barriers to Riches山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Jan-2008[書評] William Easterly, The White Man's Burden: Why the West's Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good山形, 辰史; Yamaga, Tatsufumi
Jun-2004[書評] 佐藤元彦著『脱貧困のための国際開発論』山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Jan-1991[書評] 田坂敏雄編『東南アジアの開発と労働者形成』山形, 辰史; Yamagata, Tatsufumi
Showing results 14 to 33 of 41
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